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“Express Yourself, Wear Your Patched Story”

Woven Patches / Woven Labels

Woven Patches / Woven Labels

Woven patches serve as decorative elements crafted through a weaving process, typically utilizing threads of diverse colors. These patches are renowned for their elaborate and intricate designs, providing a distinct visual and tactile experience. Here are essential points related to woven patches:

Material and Construction:

Woven Threads: The creation of woven patches involves intertwining threads of varying colors, resulting in a textile design with meticulous details.

Fabric Base: Typically, the woven design is applied to a fabric base, imparting structure and support to the patch.

Design and Customization:

Detailed Designs: Woven patches showcase highly detailed and intricate designs, achieved through the weaving process.

Small Text and Details: Their proficiency in reproducing small text, fine lines, and intricate details makes them suitable for complex logos or emblems.

Color Options: While woven patches may have some limitations compared to other types, they still offer a diverse range of colors for customized designs.


Sewing: Woven patches are commonly sewn onto garments, bags, or accessories, ensuring a secure and permanent attachment.

Iron-On Backing: Some woven patches are equipped with an iron-on backing, facilitating easy application using heat.

Common Uses:

Branding: Woven patches are employed for branding purposes, frequently featuring logos or emblems on items like clothing, bags, or hats.

Uniforms: These patches find applications in uniforms for various organizations, providing a distinct and personalized touch.

Collectibles: Woven patches are collected as memorabilia, particularly those representing specific events, hobbies, or interests.

Cost-Effective Option:

Affordability: Woven patches are often regarded as a cost-effective option, offering detailed designs at a reasonable price point. Woven patches present a unique and textured aesthetic, making them a favored choice for those desiring intricate designs with a tactile quality. Their adaptability, durability, and suitability for detailed logos position them as a preferred option across various applications.